onsdag 21. mars 2018

Red Flag utdatert? - Twitter

Report now available from RUSI's Air Forces as Weapons Systems conference held on 21st February this year - download link below: https://tinyurl.com/y87tljdm

Kinas romstasjon går snart inn i atmosfæren - Curt Lewis

Scientists Narrow Down When China's Falling Space Station Will Burn Up in the Atmosphere

Tiangong-1 started falling in 2016, but now we've got a date for its destruction-give or take a few days.

China's Tiangong-1 space station has been in a pretty precarious position for the past several months. The defunct station was decommissioned and deorbited as it was replaced by the newer Tiangong-2, but seeing as how China appears to have lost control of the station in late 2016, nobody knows for sure when the station is going to reenter the atmosphere, or where it will land.

As the station continues to drop ever lower in its orbit, it becomes easier to predict its reentry date. In early March scientists knew enough to pinpoint the reentry date at somewhere near the end of the month, and now better data has given us an even more accurate estimate: March 31, plus or minus a few days.

But if predicting when Tiangong-1 will come down is hard, predicting where it will reenter is pretty much impossible. The station orbits the Earth several times per day, which means even a few minutes is enough time to bring the station over a completely different part of the planet. In effect, this means we won't know where the station is going to come down even right before it happens.

Fortunately there's almost no chance that any part of the station will reach the ground and even if some parts of the station don't completely burn up in the atmosphere, most of the Earth is ocean. There's an extremely small chance a single piece of the satellite will ever hit land, let alone you specifically.

However, if Tiangong-1 does enter the atmosphere near you, it will produce a pretty spectacular fireball. It might be worth keeping an eye on the status of the space station over the next few weeks, on the off chance that it comes down over your head. It won't hurt, but it should be a pretty amazing show.

IndiGo får nye Pratt motorer til sin AOG flåte - Curt Lewis

Reports: Pratt & Whitney To Soon Resume Engine Deliveries In India

Pratt & Whitney will soon begin deliveries of spare engines to India's IndiGo airline that grounded eight of its Airbus A320neo aircraft last week after engine problems.

The East Hartford-based jet engine subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. will deliver two engines Wednesday and the remaining within the next 40 days, Reuters and Bloomberg News reported, citing unidentified sources.

Bloomberg reported that Pratt & Whitney will provide spare engines for all grounded Airbus SE A320neo aircraft at IndiGo. The first delivery is scheduled for Wednesday, Bloomberg said, quoting unidentified sources.

Eleven aircraft were grounded last week, complying with an order from India's air-safety regulator. Hundreds of flights were canceled.

Pratt & Whitney did not comment beyond what Robert Leduc, president of the jet engine maker, said last Friday at a meeting with industry analysts.

The IndiGo fleet will be flying again by the end of April, Pratt & Whitney will retrofit and rework the 55 engines it has previously shipped to Airbus and it will make its full-year production commitment to Airbus, he said.

IndiGo said Tuesday it had canceled between 35 and 45 flights a day, or 3 percent of its schedule, Reuters reported.

Droner får lov til å fly over stor flyplass -Dallas Fort Worth - Curt Lewis

First in the nation, drones to take flight at DFW Airport

DFW Airport first responders have received special approval from the federal government to operate drones directly over the airfield.

DALLAS -- DFW Airport first responders have received special approval from the federal government to operate drones directly over the airfield.

"The last thing that we want to do is have any kind of air collision with anything," said Garret Bryl of the North Texas USA Response Team.

Bryl consulted with DFW Police and Fire as they worked to convince the Federal Aviation Administration and DFW Airport Operations on the benefit of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) could bring to public safety.

"We spent several hours out here just running scenarios to see would these things work here," Bryl said.

Bryl and his team produced a video as a proof of concept.

In the video presented to airport operations staff, they show the zoom capabilities of drone cameras and utilize infrared technology to show engine hot spots on a running aircraft.

It's not just on the tarmac. With a small drone, they can navigate the terminal, finding what could be a bomb threat.

"Police and fire on the airport, they want to be able to use this technology to their advantage as well -- what this does is open the door for other airports that want to use this to their advantage to keep everyone safer," Bryl said.

Late last month, the FAA approved drone operations by DFW Police and Fire below 50 feet provided the drone pilot maintains two-way communication with the control tower.

Officials aren't saying how many drones are in their fleet or what type of aircraft they're operating, but WFAA confirmed they've been cleared to fly immediately.

The message to everyone else with a drone is to stay away from the airport per FAA regulations. Hobbyist must remain five miles from any airport.

European Regional Airlines ønsker at flygere bør kunne fly over 65 - Curt Lewis

ERA seeks increase to pilot retirement age

Regional airline lobby group European Regions Airline Association (ERA) wants to increase the pilot retirement age cap beyond 65, using case study work that is being performed by member carrier ASL Airlines Hungary.

ASL Airlines Hungary is working with the Hungarian CAA and aircraft Hungarian aeromedical specialist Pharma Flight to collect data and benchmark the performance of older pilots.

Once this data has been gathered, ASL Airlines Hungary and the Hungarian CAA plan to seek an exemption to employ active pilots over the age of 65 from European regulator EASA.

ERA director general Montserrat Barriga said an exemption could potentially be secured within two years, compared with the lengthy five-year process needed for formal EASA rulemaking, setting a precedent for other airlines to follow.

Barriga made the comments during a media briefing in London on March 20, suggesting this as a partial solution to the pilot shortage, which is a top concern for ERA's member airlines.

While ASL Airlines Hungary is leading the process, Barriga said other ERA airlines have responded positively to the move.

ERA president and ASL Airlines Hungary interim CEO Andrew Kelly said his airline has been in conversation with a Hungarian professor, who formerly headed the Hungarian CAA and is currently researching extensions to the pilot retirement age.

"ASL Airlines Hungary has signed a cooperation with the Hungarian CAA. Under that, we have agreed to carry out tests on some of our pilots, who will wear monitors to measure medical data, like blood pressure, while flying. They will be various ages, including pilots who are 63 or 64, in their last couple of years of flying. We will cooperate on that and give the data to the CAA."

Kelly added that Pharma Flight, which has a very large medical facility and operates Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 simulators, will contribute its specialist knowledge to the research. He said Pharma Flight will liaise with EASA on the research, measurements and data that it collects.

"I had some pilots, who are 63 years of age and seem a lot fitter than I am, that did not want to give up flying in two years' time," Kelly said, explaining the rationale behind the project.

He added that, to solve the skills crisis, solutions are needed at both ends of the spectrum by training new cadets and retaining older pilots in active operations.

While ASL Airlines is specifically seeking the clearance to retain six pilots who are scheduled to retire around 2020, Kelly said: "We can lobby, support, drive and lead this for the sake of many members."

He added the Hungarian CAA has already done some work on pilot retirement ages and EASA has also put out a tender for further research.

Helikopterhavari i Australia - 2 omkom - Curt Lewis

Eurocopter EC120B Colibri - Fatal Accident (Australia)

Date: 21-MAR-2018
Time: 16:15 LT
Eurocopter EC120B Colibri
C/n / msn:
Fatalities: Fatalities: 2 / Occupants: 5
Other fatalities: 0
Airplane damage:
Location: near Hardy Reef pontoon, off the Whitsunday islands, North Queensland -    Australia
Departure airport:
Destination airport:
The helicopter crashed at sea 250 meters from remote Barrier Reef pontoon . 2 occupants died, 1 was seriouly injured, 2 others were slightly injured.
A rescue Boat and helicopter are on the way.

ATC - Single European sky og droner - Avionics

A Single European Sky Will Include Drones

By Nick Zazulia | March 20, 2018

SESAR JU, the group tasked by the European Commission and Eurocontrol with guiding Europe toward integrated free, open skies throughout the continent over the coming years, has released a subset of its master plan focusing on the integration of drones into Europe’s airspace.
Spoiler alert: Drones will be part of Europe’s future, per SESAR JU Executive Director Florian Guillermet. It’s his first sentence.
Here are some highlights of the plan's recommendations:
  • Much of the anticipated drone integration relies on development of the “U-space,” a highly automated set of services intended to interface with air traffic control and enable routine missions. This will require a greater level of connectivity.
  • Some airspace will be designated for specific kinds of traffic, while others will be jointly used by different types.
  • Military will also be integrated into the wider traffic situation (excluding where mission requirements demand otherwise).
  • There will be significantly increased UAS activity at airports, both using the space and performing inspections.
  • UAS operating between 500 and 60,000 feet will have to be integrated into conventional ATM. The expected timeline is adoption in 2020 and operations from 2023.
  • UAS operating in urban areas will have more stringent requirements, e.g. navigation accuracy and detect-and-avoid capabilities.
  • High-altitude flights going above FL 660 airspace will also be integrated; for example, the entry and exit procedures of high-altitude pseudo-satellites providing broadband communications access.
The SESAR plan aims to integrate all air traffic and all airspace throughout participating European countries — and ultimately to expand from there — in the coming years, with specific goals and benchmarks for 2020.